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     Some lovely feedback from parents:

                 'Highly recommend Danielle & her awesome String of Beads

                    parties! The girls had a marvellous time & loved the beautiful

                    things they created. Danielle was a pleasure to deal

                    with.....efficient & professional. She made having a birthday

                    party every Mum's dream!! Thankyou'             - Belinda M

                 'My daughter had her 9th birthday with 8 friends and her 6 year

                    old brother, they all loved the String of Beads party! They made

                    such gorgeous jewellery. Danielle was lovely with the children.

                    Feedback from the mum was that the jewellery was oth really

                     good quality and very professional looking.'          - Amanda E

                 'Danielle is so approachable and each to organize things with.

                    The girls absolutely loved every minute of their time beading

                    with her at my daughters party. She is beautiful and patient

                    with the girls and enthusiastically encouraged their individual

                    ideas and efforts.'                                        - Amanda B

                 'Can not recommend String of Beads highly enough. Danielle

                    was wonderful with my 9 y/o and her 12 friends! The girls

                    had a fantastic time and the jewellery was beautiful.'          

                                                                                               - Catherine K

                 'String of Beads is a truly wonderful party idea! Was asked

                    Danielle to cater for my daughters String of Beads party for

                    her 12th birthday. Danielle was extremely organised and

                    full of wonderful ideas for this day. The girls had a lovely

                    time whilst making their necklace, anklets, earrings and

                    bookmarks. The items were beautiful and my daughter was

                    so happy with her party!! I very highly recommend String of

                    Beads! Fantastic! Thanks Danielle!!!                - Perri H

                 'I would recommend String of Beads parties for the boys. My

                    son and his friends enjoyed making agate suncatchers,

                    ammonite necklaces and skull bracelets and they were very

                    pleased that they got their very own take home boxes as well.

                    Danielle also offered the service of personalised party

                    invitations and thankyou notes which was gre        - Kym W