Frequently Asked Questions

What will the String of Beads host bring?

        All beads, tools, stringing materials, bead mats/boards for use at the party, table cloths,

     examples of finished projects, experienced host to help kids with their creations!

What do you need to have?

        * Table & enough space for each of the guests to be able to work.

     The bead design boards are about A4 size so you can lay out pieces of

     paper to make sure you have enough room  for everyone. We also

     need room to be able to put down the containers of beads for the kids.  

     If you don't have a table you think is suitable, just let me know at the

     time of booking and I can bring 1 or 2 along  (no extra charge for these!)

        * Seating - little kids night need seats if your table is high, but older kids tend

     to want to stand and move around to gather more beads, so seats aren't always

     necessary for them!

        * Food, drinks and cake!!! ....I don't bring these ;)

How do I book a party?

        Ring Danielle on 0430 216 085 to make a party booking or ask any questions

                  or fill in the Inquiry Form

                  or email

What areas do you cover?

        I'm Brisbane based, in Ashgrove. I cover any areas within 25kms of Ashgrove.

     If it's outside this area there will be a travel surcharge to cover time & petrol costs.

     Surcharge is $10 for every extra 10kms outside the 25kms radius.

Pricing of the party?

        The parties are $350 for 8 kids. $24 for each extra child. (So $374 for 9 kids,

     $398 for 10 kids, etc...)

        If there is more than 12 kids for Junior or Groovy Girl parties then I bring along

     a helper.

        There are no discounts for less that 8 kids (I'm sure you'll understand it's still the

     same amount of work for me prepping & running the party for 5/6 kids as it is for 8

     kids) however if it's 6 kids or less I add a DIY bracelet kit into the party bag for each

     of the kids to take home!

Are there discounts for mid-week parties?

        Yes! Monday - Thursday we offer a 10% discount for a party during the day or

     after school!  * mid-week discounts dont apply on school holidays, regular rates


Are there specific time-slots available?


        Monday to Friday                      3:30pm    (or flexible timing during the day)

        Saturday                                   10am    2pm   5pm

        Sunday                                     10am    2pm

How do I pay?

        We need a non-refundable $80 deposit at the time of booking to secure the date &

     the final payment for the party 3 days before the party. ($80 deposit is taken from

     the total).

        Direct deposit details will be emailed through at the time of booking.

        Extra people can be added to the party (and cash paid for these at the time of the party).

     No refund given for a decrease in numbers once final payment is made.

   What if I need to change the date?

        The deposit is not refundable, but having kids myself, I totally understand that kids

     get sick or events happen which means that the party date needs to be postponed.

     I'm more than happy to change the date of a party under these circumstances.

     COVID - if the Govt puts us on lockdown or restricts numbers in the home, then I'm

     more than happy to discuss postponing the party or happy to discuss a refund

     under COVID circumstances!

What timing do you suggest for the party day?

        I will arrive 20-30 mins before the party starts so that I can set up everything and

     make it look really beautiful!

        We do the beading for 1.5 - 2 hours (making sure that everyone gets to finish their

     projects!) and then its usually works that it's time for food & the birthday cake.

     While you're doing food & birthday cake I'll pack up everything!

Do I have a Blue Card for working with children?


Contact Danielle to ask any questions     m. 0430216085     email:

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