Swiftie Friendship Bracelet Making Party

* all ages (great for groups of Mums & Daughters)

Contact Danielle with any questions

m: 0430216085    e: danielle@stringofbeads.com.au


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Get yourself concert ready with a Swiftie friendship bracelet making party with your friends!

I'll bring all the makings:

     * letters for all the album names

          (you'll get to keep the letters and some spare

          beads if you dont get it all finished in the 2hrs!)

     * loads of spare letters so you can make some custom

      friendship bracelets

     * LOADS of fun beads and special little fun beads like

      'cat paw prints'!!!

Activity lasts ~2 hours, which should be heaps of time to

     make a STACK of bracelets.

Cost: $35 per person (minimum of 10 people per party)