Who hasn’t got some broken strands of beads in a little container (or plastic bag) somewhere in their jewellery

drawer? Not the sort of thing you’d take to the jeweller to repair, but if you don’t have the materials to fix it yourself,

it’s likely to sit there for years without you being able to wear it. Anything that is beaded costume jewellery or

strings of pearls or semiprecious stones I can usually help with. I can even replace some diamantes that have gone

missing from a favourite brooch or pair of earrings.

Let me help you bring your old favourites back to life!


This will give you a basic idea of what I charge - some items are a little easier to do, or a little more complicated, but I'm more than happy to quote you on the repair if you sms or email me through a photo!

* Basic restringing - $15  

     (slightly more if I need to replace clasps)

* Multiple strand restringing - from $20  

* Pearl restringing (knotted on silk thread) - from $40

* Missing beads or clasp replacement - contact me for a quote (I’m happy to try and source matching beads or

special clasps)

***send me photos of the broken jewellery & I'm happy to give you a quote***

How to get the jewellery to me:

I am Brisbane based, but regularly get packages from all over Australia!

If you're in Brisbane you're welcome to drop the jewellery in to me. It's a home studio, so by appointment only, or

you can leave them in my 'drop offs' basket on my front verandah with all your details.

If you're from outside Brisbane, please contact me & I'll give you my address to post the jewellery to. When

I've fixed it, I'll send you photos of it all repaired & my account details for payment.....and then I post it back!

* either you pop in a self addressed pre-paid envelope for return or I'll just add the Australia Post costs - either is


Some examples of repair jobs I've done

Jewellery Repairs


Pearl knotting:

(before & after)

I clean up the pearls & reknot them on silk thread with french wire at the clasp to protect the thread


Jumble of beads:

(before & after)

These were some beads that a customer had inherited, and we made them into some lovely wearable stretch bracelets for her


Travel treasures:

I get lots of people who have bought jewellery when travelling overseas and the elastic has stretched, or the cotton thread has broken - treasures that are much loved and hold memories from special trips!


More pearls - can restring any colour of pearl you have

Amber teething necklaces - have reknotted quite a few of these

Gorgeous bright glass beads - these stunning glass beads were definitely worth getting fixed

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